ForgiveWell helps you reach the summit of your being,

accelerating the process of deep forgiveness,

giving you freedom from the injustices

that continue to trouble and hinder.



Unforgiveness: A Lingering Universal Problem

When we suddenly experience loss due to the betrayal, injustice, or unfairness of another, especially by someone we trusted, our world is not the same. First we feel shock, disbelief, and grief. Then anger, resentment, and bitterness set in. We find ourselves struggling with unforgiveness, the inability to let go of the hurts of the past and move forward.

Many of us already know that it is better for us to forgive. We may have been taught that forgiveness is simply a choice. But true forgiveness is much deeper than that. Experience reveals that it is often a long, complex process which may even take decades to complete, if ever.

Unfortunately, in many cases what passes on the surface as forgiveness is not really forgiveness at all, but merely repression. As the following humorous cartoon illustrates, repression only works for so long before hidden unforgiveness manifests itself in very obvious ways.

Unforgiveness lies at the root of many psychological and physical ailments. It can cause anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts, and even disease. It leads to feeling guilty, unspiritual, and defeated. It limits our vitality and enjoyment of life.

If you experience unforgiveness wasting your precious time and energy, how do you get unstuck? How do you clear your mind so that you can be free to pursue your goals with your highest self?

ForgiveWell: A Powerful Unique Solution

Dr. Allen Gee has developed a breakthrough answer to the universal problem of unforgiveness. It is based on a deep understanding and integration of Christian spirituality with modern brain science, applying innovative theological concepts with neurolinguistics. Proven highly effective in both personal coaching and church seminars, it has produced dramatic forgiveness breakthroughs, in some cases quickly reuniting long estranged family members. He and his wife, Christine, have created ForgiveWell to share his transformative insights and ideas with the world.

Meet Your Spiritual Life Coaches

Dr. Allen Gee is dedicated to helping clients become their spiritual best through the insights gained in a process of deep forgiveness. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology from Trinity College of Graduate Studies and did his clinical training at Fuller Theological Seminary and Hope University. Dr. Allen completed spiritual direction training through Christian Formation and Discipleship Ministries and studied theology at Fuller. He also has an extensive scientific and engineering background in physics and artificial intelligence, having done research at Caltech, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and in the aerospace and investment trading industries.

Dr. Christine Gee loves helping her clients attain the freedom and joy they deserve in life and their relationships. She did her doctoral training (ABD) in clinical psychology at Loyola University and has a masters degree in theology from Princeton Theological Seminary. Dr. Christine formerly owned and operated a holistic wellness center where she practiced as a life coach.

Our Services

Dr. Allen’s Books

Dr. Allen’s book, The Language of Deep Forgiveness: Break Free from Struggling to Accept the Unacceptable, is now available. Discover how the unique insights contained within this concise work can dramatically improve your emotional well being and relationships!


Our personal one-on-one coaching over Zoom video conferencing is designed to help you get beyond your past and into a bright future as quickly and deeply as possible. The first introductory session is free. Normal session fee is $150 / 50min. (Coming soon! Contact us to be put on the waitlist.)


Our seminars have been highly effective in church and home group settings. They are a powerful means of helping a community learn how to practice deep forgiveness.

(Currently suspended due to Covid-19. Let us know your future interest.)

What others are saying:

“As someone who has taught about forgiveness many times, Dr. Allen gave me tools I’ve never considered to the point that I took several moments to freshly forgive several people. If you feel stuck in moving on from ways you’ve been hurt, or if you teach others how to forgive, I’m confident you’ll find fresh ways forward here.”

Dave Schmelzer

Executive Director of Blue Ocean Faith

Founding Pastor of Reservoir Church in Cambridge, MA

Author of Not the Religious Type: Confessions of a Turncoat Atheist

“As a practicing family medicine physician, I see firsthand the effects of unforgiveness on personal health and on social relationships. As an avid reader of Christian books, I also see the superficial manner in which the resolution of unforgiveness is treated, as if a simple prayer or declaration can remove the emotional burdens of unforgiveness in a moment. Dr. Allen’s book, The Language of Deep Forgiveness, uniquely supplies a thorough understanding of the subject of forgiveness, and workable steps for breaking free from the habits of unforgiveness, using psychological, theological and scientific approaches. I heartily encourage the reader to study and apply the principles contained in this excellent work, as I have done for myself and for my patients.”

John Erickson, MD

“Forgiveness, a multifaceted task that affects the very foundations of our wellness as people. The ability to forgive is not just a simple and easy exercise in saying the words, ‘I forgive.’ In his book, Dr. Allen shows us the words we use are integral to our core ability to accomplish forgiveness and be free from the chains of unforgiveness. I highly recommend that you enter into this exploration of forgiveness and learn how to address the most important aspects to yourself and finally be free of the affliction of long term offense and unforgiveness. I used his book as a study to lead myself and others into the freedom of absolute forgiveness.”

Mark Van Dyke

Executive Pastor of University Vineyard Church

“Oh no, not another book on forgiveness! I’ve read all the bestsellers on the subject and still haven’t been able to apply any of them. I tried so many times to really forgive, saying forgiveness prayers as emphatically as possible. But ultimately, I knew in my heart something was missing. I resigned myself to having repression as my lifelong friend. Then I was surprised by this wonderful book that gave me new hope and the fresh tools I needed to make several dramatic forgiveness breakthroughs that have forever changed my life. I’m so grateful for the help it provided me!”

Kathy O., L.C.S.W.

“Immensely clear and insightful! Anyone struggling with issues surrounding forgiveness would do well to start with Dr. Allen’s book.”

John Carter, PhD

Retired Professor of Clinical Psychology