barbara solis

“This is by far the most effective forgiveness book I have ever read. I give away many copies every week to help those struggling to forgive!”

—Barbara Solis, Pastor of Family Counseling at Peoples Church

in Fresno, CA, the largest megachurch in Central California

Dave Schmelzer

“As someone who has taught about forgiveness many times, Dr. Allen gave me tools I've never considered to the point that I took several moments to freshly forgive several people. If you feel stuck in moving on from ways you've been hurt, or if you teach others how to forgive, I'm confident you'll find fresh ways forward here.”

—Dave Schmelzer, Executive Director of Blue Ocean Faith,

Founding Pastor of Reservoir Church in Cambridge, MA

Univeristy Vineyard Church

“Forgiveness, a multifaceted task that affects the very foundations of our wellness as people. The ability to forgive is not just a simple and easy exercise in saying the words, ‘I forgive.’ In his book, Dr. Allen shows us the words we use are integral to our core ability to accomplish forgiveness and be free from the chains of unforgiveness. I highly recommend that you enter into this exploration of forgiveness and learn how to address the most important aspects to yourself and finally be free of the affliction of long term offense and unforgiveness. I used his book as a study to lead myself and others into the freedom of absolute forgiveness.”

—Mark Van Dyke

Executive Pastor of University Vineyard Church in Fresno, CA

John Erickson

“As a practicing family medicine physician, I see firsthand the effects of unforgiveness on personal health and on social relationships. As an avid reader of Christian books, I also see the superficial manner in which the resolution of unforgiveness is treated, as if a simple prayer or declaration can remove the emotional burdens of unforgiveness in a moment. Dr. Allen’s book, The Language of Deep Forgiveness, uniquely supplies a thorough understanding of the subject of forgiveness, and workable steps for breaking free from the habits of unforgiveness, using psychological, theological and scientific approaches. I heartily encourage the reader to study and apply the principles contained in this excellent work, as I have done for myself and for my patients.”

—John Erickson, MD

John Carter1

"Immensely clear and insightful! Anyone struggling with issues surrounding forgiveness would do well to start with Dr. Allen's book."

—John Carter, PhD

Retired Professor of Clinical Psychology

Amazon 5 Star 1

The best book on forgiveness I've ever read.

"This book is SO GOOD! I’ve read dozens of books on forgiveness over the years, and this is the best yet. I’m already feeling shifted. I think I’ll probably be throwing those other books away! Now I know why the other systems of forgiveness described in those books never seemed to release the resentment and hostility I still felt whenever the old memories were triggered by current events, or when the memories just floated up on their own. This book addresses why my heart never seemed to heal, no matter how much I tried to forgive. I’ll definitely be using its simple forgiveness ideas and language to purge my heart from the remaining resentment and suffering I’m experiencing. Thank you Dr. Gee."

—Celeste S. Magers

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Amazon 5 Star 1


"I struggled for YEARS in therapy trying to forgive some horrible betrayals done to me… I just couldn’t do it and was spiraling emotionally. This book was the push I needed to be able to say…. I can “forgive” in a way that helps me let go of my anger, and also in a way that I don’t have to accept/condone what was done. I don’t expect to be given back what was taken, I no longer want to push the person into the grand canyon… I can be free of it and move forward. It’s a very powerful feeling and gives you a lot of strength to reset your boundaries and be secure within yourself that future situations won’t destroy you again, you can forgive and move on without the huge breakdown. It’s a small book but was tremendously helpful at rewriting my thought process."

—Ronda Rascon

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Amazon 5 Star 1

I found great relief for my struggle to forgive.

"Excellent, clear and easy to digest. I have already recommended this book to friends and family. If you are struggling to forgive someone, this book provides a path to freedom. Plus it's short, so you can get back to the business of life. :)"

—Tiy Adams

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Amazon 5 Star 1

Amazingly deep forgiveness book!

"Wow! No filler material in this book, just pages of fantastic insight. Now I think I truly understand how to forgive thanks to the author. This book is so much deeper than the numerous other forgiveness books that I've read. After many years of struggling to fully forgive, I finally found one that helped me tremendously. I highly recommend it!!"

—Elise Arter Johnson, Psy.D.

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Amazon 5 Star 1

Maybe the Best Book I've Ever Read

"This is a life changing book. If you struggle to forgive, this book is the answer you are looking for. It's so good that I am going to read it again and study through it more slowly. I highly recommend it."

—Shane Broussard

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Amazon 5 Star 1

What it’s not! … amazing book

"It was awesome to truly learn what forgiveness is not and the biblical interpretation to help your soul feel at ease with the process and journey of forgiveness. Even if you’ve tried other ways – DO NOT GIVE UP AND PLEASE GET THIS BOOK, for you and for others – He is so simple yet profound , I just cannot put into words how helpful his insight is and the way he lays it out. Great book , I cannot wait for other books of his!"


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