1 in 4 Christians struggles to forgive.*

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Greetings Pastors!

Welcome. I am so excited to have this opportunity to introduce myself, Dr. Allen Gee, and my new book, which may be of immense benefit to your church and ministry. First, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a Christian psychologist, spiritual life coach, and also a data scientist in the field of artificial intelligence. I started my ministry, ForgiveWell, with a mission to transform the Church one forgiver at a time.

Unforgiveness manifests in the Church in both obvious and subtle ways, as verified by the above statistic from Barna.* We all know people who struggle greatly with unforgiveness, unable to free themselves from the pain of long past hurts and injustices. Years, even decades, of attempting to repress bitterness and resentment have taken a serious toll on their physical health as well as their soul. We also have seen Christian leaders who have unfortunately allowed unforgiveness from the past to negatively affect their ministries in the present. Some of these people may even be ourselves.

I wrote my book, The Language of Deep Forgiveness: Break Free from Struggling to Accept the Unacceptable, in order to effectively address these deep pervasive problems. It would be an invaluable resource for your congregation to transform their hearts and help them walk more deeply in the freedom of forgiveness. Let me explain how this unique book can accomplish such a goal.

Seven Important Features of My Book


It is one-of-a-kind, unlike any other forgiveness book on the market. The book is full of original innovative ideas that take readers on an emotional journey, exploring the depths of their hearts. For instance, it describes how what I call the Acceptance Conundrum often keeps people stuck in unforgiveness, them struggling, unable to accept the unacceptable.


The book invites readers to be aware of their immediate experience in reading it. It uses carefully crafted reflection questions and exercises to interact with readers, guiding them along on a heart-felt path towards greater self-insight.


Believing that all truth is God’s truth, the book combines knowledge from many diverse sources including: Christian spirituality, theology, clinical psychology, psycho-linguistics, and brain science. This approach has resulted in a seamless integration of insights with extraordinary depth and dimensionality. It explains how the precise language you use to think about forgiveness in your mind affects how deeply you actually forgive in your heart.

Proven Methods

The material in this book has proven to be extremely practical and impactful in church settings. Presented during weekly home group meetings, it has produced dramatic forgiveness breakthroughs, in some cases reuniting long estranged family members in a short period of time. Many have experienced it as a life-changing revelation.


This book was written to be easily accessible to a wide audience. It tries hard to convey sophisticated concepts in the clearest simplest manner possible.


The book was intentionally crafted in a concise manner, making it easy for readers to re-read multiple times in order to absorb the most gain from its therapeutic effects. It contains absolutely no unnecessary or filler text.

Small Group Ready

This book contains a study guide that was designed for small group studies. Forgiveness is the central theme of the Gospel that should be deepened with community attention and focus.

What Pastors Are Saying

“As someone who has taught about forgiveness many times, Dr. Allen gave me tools I’ve never considered to the point that I took several moments to freshly forgive several people. If you feel stuck in moving on from ways you’ve been hurt, or if you teach others how to forgive, I’m confident you’ll find fresh ways forward here.”

Dave Schmelzer

Executive Director of Blue Ocean Faith

Founding Pastor of Reservoir Church in Cambridge, MA

Author of Not the Religious Type: Confessions of a Turncoat Atheist

“Forgiveness, a multifaceted task that affects the very foundations of our wellness as people. The ability to forgive is not just a simple and easy exercise in saying the words, ‘I forgive.’ In his book, Dr. Allen shows us the words we use are integral to our core ability to accomplish forgiveness and be free from the chains of unforgiveness. I highly recommend that you enter into this exploration of forgiveness and learn how to address the most important aspects to yourself and finally be free of the affliction of long term offense and unforgiveness. I used his book as a study to lead myself and others into the freedom of absolute forgiveness.”

Mark Van Dyke

Executive Pastor of University Vineyard Church

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Dr. Allen

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